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Musical instrument refinish and finish - guitar, bass - Music Kolor

About MK


We are specialized in tailor made guitars, eletric guitars, bass, and other musical instruments finishes and refinishes.

Music Kolor was born in 2010 and it is the #1 company specialized in tailor made musical instrument refinishes and finishes in Latin America. It has already customized guitars for international and Brazilian music icons such as Eddie Vedder – Pearl Jam, Supercombo, Cachorro Grande and others.
The company performs premium paintwork in guitars, electric guitars, bass and other instruments in many styles, from one single colour up to any sort of combinations and drawings customers can imagine. Music Kolor holds an extremely rigorous process in terms of quality, applying a fine and skilled handcrafted techniques . All materials used in the process represents the state of the art available in the market and are all environment friendly.

Due especially to its relationship and great satisfaction of costumers, the orders keep growing and the company had to reframe all its processes, having a professionalizing process with investments in management, operations, training and the increasing of staff. It also has hired a new marketing and strategy new team.
“Each day we are getting more space and representativeness. We also see that our service is very competitive for the international market. Our quality is higher and our” says the founder and Executive Director Rafael Romano.

Booming market
Because of the social media, people all over the world started admiring and follow Music Kolor’s

work. “We started receiving many international orders. Then we got curious about how things happen abroad. We had an excellent feedback from customers outside Brazil and then we realized that our product is in the same level or even in a higher level than the best world references,” says Romano. The premium quality brought great opportunities, like jobs in Japan, United Kingdon, USA and even a guitar customization for Pearl Jam and many works for other great anonymous artists.
On the next January, the company will be attend at NAMM 2016 – National Association of Music Merchants, in Anaheim – CA, supported by Anafima – Brazilian Music Industry Association – and APEX – Brazilian Government Agency – to improve exportation. The idea is to approach partners and make business.
Art inside art
Romano says that the biggest differential of MK is to make the art instrument into a piece of art. “Transform musical instruments into works of art is our mission. We want to take our art at the hands of the most demanding musicians and art lovers in the whole planet.”
The service involves trust. “We receive here very expensive instruments, that worth big money such as US 10.000 or US 15.000. Our customer is very confident knowing that the quality standard will remain”.


from Rafael Romano, MK founder

Music Kolor was born from a personal need. In 2004, I decided to refenish my eletric guitar. I didn’t want just to change the color, I intended to give it my personal touch. I searched for someone who could do this job and didn’t find it. So I ventured to do it by myself.
After some sketches and tests, I finished the painting. However, the result was not what I expected and all the work was lost. Therefore, I decided to consult my father, Mr. Gentil, a professional with over 35 years of experience with automotive custom painting. From that first failed attempt, we began to research about subject and we conducted several tests until the technique was developed. We were excited about what that work could become.
I’m a music lover. I had a band, organized shows, gave guitar lessons … I realized I could turn my passion into an exciting business, bringing joy and beauty to the hands of the most amazing musicians and music lovers on the planet. Then Music Kolor was born.

At that time, I was studying engineering at UFABC – Federal University of ABC. I improved more

and more my paintings techniques and then I started studying business administration, which helped the company to gain visibility and prestige with customers.
We realize that we don’t just make instruments paintings, we transform guitars, eletric guitars, bass into works of art. With this idea in mind, I had the privilege of having other great professionals who share the same philosophy and are with me on this mission.
In 2015, Organix Group has joined the project to further leverage growth and quest for quality. Felipe Carvalho, recognized mentor and business consultant who followed this journey since the beginning, leads the group.
We thank all our employees, customers, suppliers and partners to be part of this story. We are sure that many good things will still happen and we want to be together bringing joy to Brazil and all over the world!


Music Kolor is an environmentally responsible company and manages its activities in order to identify possible impacts on the environment. We act for the maintenance and improvement of environmental conditions. We want to minimize potentially harmful to the environment and disseminate to our customers and partner companies the practices and knowledge that we gained with our experience in environmental management.
– Our ink is manufactured by companies that respect and meet strictly environmental legislation demands. We work with companies who are committed to the development of low-risk products to the environment.
– Our greenhouse painting is  pressurized and has a water curtain, so the ink particles don’t go to the atmosphere. The residue is filtered by water and gets a correct destination.
– We have an exhauster that pulls the hot air that is above the oven to facilitate the drying of the varnish. The temperature reached doesn’t damage the instrument. Thus we save the use of electric power, without the use of a larger number of lamps and heaters.
– We recycle all posting packaging of instruments. Wherever is possible, we use the same package to reship.
– We do an environmental compensation according to our consumption.
– We recicle all our waste.
We can provide a range of services to premiere custom instruments for the industry.
Final Custumer


Regarding our suppliers, Music Kolor:
– Choose only the ones who can keep the quality of the products used in the manufacture of instruments and the diversity of colors and effects available to customers.
– Works only with suppliers and partners who have an ethical conduct about the environment and society. So when engaging the services provided by MK, you will encourage sustainable and humane practices.
Quality policy
All paintings and arts developed by MusicKolor are warranted for one year. Learn more about the warranty conditions.


Relationship policy
Music Kolor establishes a constant dialogue with customers to be able to measure the level of satisfaction for each one of the projects executed. To this end, the company has various channels through which the opinions, praise, criticism and suggestions can be registered.
For the convenience of users, MK offers a satisfaction questionnaire, as well as Skype line and a Facebook page available for any questions.
– On the website, you can find the Client Area, where consumers can follow the customization process.